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We strive in vetting talent that is professional and marketable. Your success is based on the work you create.

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In order for us to display your skill set a profile must be completed. We sell talent and the services you perform.

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Once your profile has been completed. We'll display your talents, services and how you can be reached to work.

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Our portal will be the focal point of your services. This is how we'll promote your brand and get you working.

We offer Specialized Services for Voice Actors in every genre...

"Real and Natural" sounding talent is becoming more popular. With social media in high demand, listeners are seeking on-demand streams and video content using smartphones and mobile devices from people who identify with their lifestyles!

The first thing we do is identify what talent you want to display on our portal. VO Artist comes in all shapes and sizes, is it audio, video or influencing a style or product that holds your interest.


Success is limited without a true branding of your talents. The Who, What, When and Where fuels your progress to the finish line. If the public at large sees you, hears you and feels you then we are on the right path.


Step three is to market your services, exactly what you've created, advertise our portal and display you as the talent we represent. With our client relationships in affiliate sales and consulting projects, it's a win-win.


Promoting you as the BEST in-class VO Artist are the keys to your success. The playing field is full of self-promoted announcers with limited experience. Your skills make it easy for clients to hire true professionals.


Professional Team Agents

Our dedicated team of professionals has a combined 60 years of experience in the talent industry.

Mike Love

Mike Love

Mike brings a wealth of experience to the company, his career spans some 40 years working with syndicated radio personalities, imaging professionals, and content managers.

Ben Burnside

Ben Burnside

Ben's responsible for over a billion dollars of revenue as a Production/Creative Services Director, Consultant, Audio Designer, and Composer has worked in the broadcast industry for over 20 years.

Something About Us...

Our talent agency is a company that also represents Vloggers and Influencers!

Our Top Performers

  • Mel Devonne
    Name : Mel Devonne

    Mel Devonne

  • Todd Franklin
    Name : Todd Franklin

    Todd Franklin

  • Traci LaTrelle
    Name : Traci LaTrelle

    Traci LaTrelle

  • KJ Bland
    Name : KJ Bland

    KJ Bland

  • John Monds
    Name : John Monds

    John Monds

  • Eric Mychaels
    Name : Eric Mychaels

    Eric Mychaels

  • Jay Michaels
    Name : Jay Michaels

    Jay Michaels

  • Tracie Reynolds
    Name : Tracie Reynolds

    Tracie Reynolds

  • Tony Scott
    Name : Tony Scott

    Tony Scott

  • Mike Love
    Name : Mike Love

    Mike Love